Exclusive interview with Aaron Bonus of Westland and premiere of the “Steady Now” music video. Plus a major contest announcement from Westland!

Eric- Hey Aaron, how are you doing today?

Aaron- I am doing great, thanks for asking

E- Today you are releasing your new music for your new single, “Steady Now” (featured below). What was the experience like making this video and what is the story that is being told in the music video/song?

A- I always enjoy the process of taking a vision and trying bringing it to life. So making this video was a lot of fun. The video and song are talking about destroying ones ego. specifically mine. Everyone has an ego. It protects you when you are scared, lifts you when you are weak, but it will strangle the life out of you if it’s not kept controlled. This song is the bullet I used to kill mine.

E- Westland has gone through a lot of changes and you just finished recording a new EP that has quite a different sound to your older tracks. Can you walk us through why the changes within the band as well as the change in sound?

A- If we are going to the beginning, then we should start with Carlo. Carlo was actually kicked out of the country for a while because he only had a student visa. He left school when we started touring a lot. After that we never really had a full-time drummer, just people who were filling in. Ryan, was asked to leave after numerous arguments over new musical direction and tons of missed rehearsals. Lastly, Jeff and Jon left last year during the holidays do try something new. Touring endlessly can have a major strain on one’s heart and mind. I must admit, there was times I took each and every one of those amazing people for granite. I have done so much growing up, inside and out. That is really what most of this EP is about. As far as the “new sound” goes, I have never denied in any interview that I felt like “don’t take it personal” was a complete misinterpretation of my true writing style and ability. So though different. You can’t say I didn’t warn you lol.

E- Who would you compare your new sound to?

A- Hmm, that’s a good question. I didn’t have a handful of bands in mind when writing this EP. So to be honest, I think it might be better to tell me what you think it sounds like. I can say it is certainly more mature, edgy, alternative, and dark.

E- Today you are also announcing a very special contest. Can you tell us a bit about it and what we need to do to be a part of it?

A- Sure. The contest is, if you invite all your Facebook friends to check out the “steady now” music video as well as invite them to like the band page. You will be entered into a contest where we will give one grand prize of flying to your house and performing for you and your friends. You must take screen shots for proof, it must be both to qualify, and the screen shots must be sent to our management at fivealivemgmt@gmail.com

E- When does the contest end?

A- The contest will end on Jan 8th 2013, the same day the ep is released.

E- Is there anything special you get for pre-ordering the EP?

A- Yes. Exclusively through Merch Now we are doing a pre-order package that includes: one signed poster, one exclusive T-shirt, and one hard copy EP with one extra track that will not be available on iTunes or anywhere else. It will go on sale in December 1st and we are only making 300 total available packages.

E- I have listened to all the tracks and they sound great. I think your fans are in for quite a surprise.

A- Thank you very much. Perhaps but I also think most of our early fans are now 2 to 3 years older. Which puts them right on track to be ready for the differences on the new EP.

E- How bout we catch up again the day of the release, sound good?

A- That would be great!

E-Looking forward to speaking again and getting some more info out to your fans. Next time I think we should get fan questions! What do you think?

A- I would love that!

E- Sounds good buddy. Thanks for the time.

A- Thank you


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