Interview with Chris Wallace

Hello, I’m Chris Wallace. I probably smile more than anyone you’ll ever meet. I like: long walks on the beach, pizza, writing music, and singing. I also will be performing in city near you soon. Come see meee!!

E- You recently came out with your album, Push Rewind, how has the reaction been?

C- The reaction has been really great. It’s so flattering how much people really like the album. I got really emotional reading some of the iTunes reviews.

E- You also got your single, Remember When (Push Rewind), as the free single on iTunes. How did you find out that they chose your song, and how did you react?

C- I got the call from my manager and was ecstatic when I found out. I know it’s a really big look for me… and I’m so flattered that iTunes chose me.

E- Do you plan on going on tour to support your new album? If so, where, when and with who?

C- Yes. I’m doing a national tour the month of October w/ Andy Grammer. I also plan on touring as much as possible in the next year.

E- Many of us remember you from your days as the lead in The White Tie Affair. How would you say your solo act is different and would compare to the band as a whole?

C- I’ve really come into my own… not only as a songwriter, but a person since releasing my last album. The music is definitely more hard hitting and pop based, but I guess you can say I grew up a little and I found my voice.

E- It took you about 2 years post The White Tie Affair to release your first album. What were you doing during that time?

C-Sometimes I feel like you gotta get a little lost along the way, to find what you’re looking for…I took a little bit of time off at a beach house in San Diego. I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do musically. Went surfing and wrote songs on the beach almost everyday. But through that, I found exactly what type of artist I wanted to be.

E- Entertainment Weekly compared you to The Wanted, do you agree?

C- Yess… I love their songs and they’re whole vibe! I’d say they’re a little more euro dance based than me, but I’d love to collab one day.

E- You have been on numerous tours throughout your years, what are 3 essentials that you always have to have with you on tour?

C- Recording gear: I always bring it everywhere I go. You never know when a good song idea is gonna come!! I’m usually so inspired when I’m on the road.

Sharpies: I love meeting fans after shows. I usually keep a sharpie on me so I can sign something for em.

Pretzels: I’m obsessed ha. I don’t know why.

E- What is the coolest thing that a fan has ever done or said to you?

C- I’ve seen a few tattoos with lyrics of my songs on em. That’s probably the most coolest, most flattering thing a fan can do. Its so heartwarming to meet people who share such passion for my music. Thank you!!

E- Describe your perfect girl.

C-Funny, beautiful, quirky, and must LOVE music/traveling

E- Anything else you want to tell your fans?

C- Dream huge and never stop taking chances in life. I srsly first got noticed by the music industry by writing and producing one catchy song and putting it on Myspace. Since then I haven’t stopped taking risks every day.

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