3OH!3 Interview [Live from Warped Tour 2013]

Eric Live On The Air caught up with 3OH!3 at the Holmdel,NJ Warped Tour stop. They took the time to talk about their album ‘Omens’, why there was no big collaboration, and the difference between playing Warped and TV. They even played a hysterical game of ‘Would You Rather’ and Band Superlatives.
Filmed by: Linda Constantino, Kevin DeGuilo and Brittany McLaughlin


3OH!3 [Live from Photo Pit @ Warped Tour 2013]

Pictures taken by Kevin DeGuilo

3OH!3 Interview

Eric: What’s going on? I am here with….
Nat: Nathaniel Motte from the band 3OH!3

E: We’re downstairs at Croc Rock right now. You guys are pushing a new single. Want to talk about it a little bit?

N: Yeah, yeah, sure, the new single is called “Double Vision.” It’s a song we wrote as a fun kind of like a “summer-y” vibe song, which is kind of funny that we are releasing it now that it’s starting to get cold. We dropped the ball on that one but it’s a fun song and it’s meant to be enjoyed by people any way they want to do it. It’s a lot of fun to play live. We have been playing it live for most of this year as well as many new ones.

E: What do you bring to the stage that others don’t? Your music is definitely different than most other bands.

N: I think for us it’s mostly about having fun and making it into an event that people can come and forget all the stuff that is troubling them.

E: You definitely have an incredible amount of fans. What would you say has been one of the weirdest fan moments you guys have had?

N: You know, it’s been pretty good man. We do have a lot of dedicated fans and we actually just did a competition with some fans to do a remake of the video for “Double Vision” and this kid made a great video and got flown out here. We did a cool kind of sound check meet-and-greet with him, that was great. But we were in Buffalo one time and we were just walking on the street to go get some food and this kid just trips and falls on his face so we run up to him to see if he was alright. He gets up and goes, “Yo, are there any bands playing?” And we were like yeah, there might be some. He pulls up his arm to scratch his head and he has a 3OH!3 tattoo on his arm. Right then it hit me that he just tripped so that he could meet us, so I would say that is some dedication.

E: You guys have worked with an incredible amount of people like: Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Wiz Khalifa. What is it like to work with guys like that?

N: It’s great! Honestly that’s one of the cool things about having success to me is that you get to work and meet these people that you really admire. Like working with Lil Jon was awesome. Especially with him for me because he is one of the main reasons I got into music because his beats, to me, were fun and they were a lot of fun to listen to all the time at parties. Katy and Ke$ha were friendships that developed into working and you know Katy is an amazing singer and songwriter, as is Ke$ha. It’s cool because when you collaborate with someone you always learn something new or try something different so it’s a lot of fun.

E: So, were you at Katy’s wedding?

N: Ha-ha, I don’t think anyone was at Katy’s wedding. I mean, I didn’t get an invite but congratulations.

E: Linda Constantino wants to know who was the mastermind behind the (3OH!3) hand symbol and which came first, the name or symbol?

N: Well the hand signal we can’t completely take credit for the creation, because I think it had been floating around in Colorado before but it wasn’t associated with anyone or anything. But we kind of took it on our own when we decided to become a band, 3OH!3, and the name is kind of an homage to where we are from in Colorado.

E: I appreciate your time.

N: It’s been a pleasure, thanks

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